Missing Teeth? Consider Dental Implants at City Place Dental in Silver Spring, MD

While dental science hasn’t yet given us the ability to regenerate lost teeth, dental implants are the prosthetic that comes closest to providing the same function and feel as a real tooth. At City Place Dental, we are your source for comprehensive dental implant treatment in Silver Spring, MD. Our dentist, Dr. Kingsley Achikeh, is skilled in multiple facets of replacing teeth with implants and can help you reclaim a healthy smile.3d render of dental implants

3D Implant Surgery in Silver Spring, MD

The root or base of your dental implant is embedded into bone, like a natural tooth root, to provide for maximum stability and function of replacement teeth. This portion of the implant treatment process must be completed as accurately and efficiently as possible to ensure that your implant post properly integrates with tissue to create the most stable base.

Dr. Achikeh surgically places tooth implants right at City Place Dental so patients do not have to spend time commuting between a specialist’s office for different parts of their treatment plan. We utilize 3D imaging in planning your treatment to obtain a visual on bone density and nerve position. In this way, implants are placed precisely in the most comfortable and long-lasting way possible.

Restoring your Smile with Dental Implants in Silver Spring, MD

City Place Dental implant treatment options are comprehensive and flexible to meet your needs for the best in dental function and aesthetics. Depending on several factors, including bone health and number of missing teeth, Dr. Achikeh provides:

Implant Crowns - Lost single teeth, whether just one or sporadic throughout your smile, can be securely replaced with a single implant post that supports a dental crown. Unlike traditional dental bridges which can replace a single tooth, implants and crowns do not negatively impact surrounding teeth and are longer lasting.

Implant-Supported Bridges - While a standard dental bridge is placed over existing teeth to close the gap created by a lost tooth, an implant bridge is secured with dental implants. These restorations more dependably replace groups of lost teeth and can be made to be as long as possible, to restore as many teeth as needed in an arch.

Implant Retained Dentures - Loose removable dentures can be a pain for many patients trying to find their way around total tooth loss. By adding just two dental implant posts and attachments, called locators, your removable dentures snap securely and easily into place. No more denture paste, embarrassing teeth slipping or having to severely restrict your diet to accommodate your prosthesis. Implant over dentures are a cost-effective way to Image of smiling male patient against white backgroundsignificantly increase the comfort and function of full dentures.

Mini Implants - Patients with thin bone can still have the implant supported smile of their dreams. Mini implants by our Silver Spring dentist are designed to integrate into tissue without a bone graft and are ideal to support a full arch of dentures in a way that is less invasive and more affordable than some treatment options.

To ensure that your restored smile looks as beautiful and natural as possible, we provide a selection of material choices, such as all-ceramic and zirconia, or metal-based prosthetics for improved strength.

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