Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

When you’re looking for a dentist or an orthodontist in or around Silver Spring, MD, we at City Place Dental are glad to go above and beyond to be your choice. One of these reasons that makes up stand out from other orthodontic offices is our dedication to orthodontic treatment, especially our high-quality braces treatments. With recent advancements in orthodontic technology, wearing braces has never been easier. There are even many different types of braces available, from traditional metal to clear, tooth-colored brackets. If you’ve thought about getting braces, you’ve absolutely come to the right place! 


Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment

There is a plethora of different reasons as to why you may want to consider getting orthodontic treatment. Here are some of the more common problems that make people choose braces:

  • Orthodontic problems, such as overbites, underbites, overjets, crossbites, crowding, and spacing

  • Crooked or aesthetically-unappealing teeth

  • Facial or mouth asymmetry or disfiguration

  • Jaw or joint pain

  • Problems with breathing, swallowing, speaking, or chewing

  • Self-image issues

  • Thumb or finger sucking

Thankfully, with the help of braces and orthodontic treatment, all of these problems can be successfully fixed.

The Phases of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment involves three phases. These are:

  • Planning Phase – In your first few visits, your Silver Spring, MD orthodontist will take x-rays, photographs, and molds of your mouth, teeth, and jaws in order to aid with planning. Also, your orthodontist will review your medical dental history.

  • Active Phase – This phase involves your active wearing of braces and regular visits to your orthodontist for needed adjustments and maintenance so that you can have a successful treatment.

  • Retention Phase – After your treatment is completed, the braces will be removed and you’ll be given retainers to wear. These retainers will hold your teeth in their new, favorable positions while the teeth and bone are stabilized in their new position.

The lengths of each phase will vary depending on each individual case.

Contact Your Silver Spring, MD Orthodontist and Dentist!

If you have any further questions about our Silver Spring, MD braces, please feel free to contact us. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with your Silver Spring, MD orthodontist and dentist, we encourage you to give us a call at (301) 585-1515. We can’t wait to help put you on the path toward a straighter and healthier smile!



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