Correct Poor Bite with Braces by our Silver Spring Orthodontist

At City Place Dental, we make it easy to treat all aspects of your smile by providing a wide range of services in-office, including orthodontics. With a visiting orthodontist treating patients at our office on a weekly basis, we can offer the expertise that children and adult patients need to achieve straighter and healthier smiles.

Pre-Orthodontic Care

Children whose baby teeth are growing, developing and making room for adult teeth can display early signs of the need for orthodontic care in adolescence. Phase one or pre-orthodontics are designed to lessen the impact these issues may have on young smiles, to shorten treatment plans and ensure that recommended care is as efficient as possible.

Our Silver Spring, MD, orthodontist provides phase one orthodontic treatment for children that can include anything from space maintainers to avoid development of severe overcrowding, palate expanders, or even standard retainers to maintain bite and current alignment before braces are applied in patients’ later years.

Metal and Tooth-Colored Braces in Silver Spring, MD

Because our orthodontic treatments are intended to fit both adolescent and teen patients, as well as adults, we offer a range of ways for patients to achieve more beautiful smiles with braces. Our treatment options include:

City Place Dental-Orthodontics- Man smiling at camera titled Actual PatientTraditional Braces – As most patients know, this method utilizes silver metal brackets and archwires to coax teeth into better alignment. Metal braces can be customized with brightly colored bands, which our younger patients love. Traditional metal braces are the most predictable way to solve a range of dental problems, including the most complex issues, like bite misalignment and severe crowding.

Tooth-Colored Orthodontics – In the event that a teen or adult patient wants and needs braces, but is concerned about aesthetics, City Place Dental provides options for braces that blend in with natural tooth enamel. With white brackets and wires for traditional braces, your appliances will be far less noticeable and instill greater confidence during care.

Straight teeth not only look more pleasing, they are healthier as well. Without overcrowding and with a properly balanced bite, patients can clean and floss teeth easily and do not have to worry about uneven wear and tear on teeth or jaw pain from bite misalignment.  As a third braces treatment option, City Place Dental also provides removable clear aligners. Visit our Invisalign® page to learn more.

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