City Place Dental offers Immediate Implants in Silver Spring

If you know you need a tooth replaced soon, you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary to regain a healthy and functioning smile. At City Place Dental, we provide qualified patients with expedited implant treatment in Silver Spring to protect their health and appearance.

Ask us about same-day dental implants today by calling our office at (301) 585-1515.

What are Immediate Implants?

Immediate dental implants are a treatment method which supplies patients with durable prosthetic teeth as soon as possible. The immediate part of the treatment includes placement of your implant post directly after a failing tooth has been extracted. 

While the placement of implants and prosthetics treatment takes place in a day, the entire process requires two appointments. At your first visit to our office, Dr. Achikeh evaluates your smile, examining damaged teeth that require restoration. After confirming that a tooth cannot be saved with a root canal, Dr. Achikeh determines which implants are ideal for your health and budget and makes sure he has the necessary prosthetics and restorations ready when you come back for your extraction and implant surgery. 

Do You Qualify for Same-Day Implants?

To see best results with this procedure, our dentists consider your general health, as well as the following:

Bone Health – An ideal environment for implant placement occurs when the bone volume is healthy and diminished over time due to medical conditions or prolonged lack of natural teeth. If bone health is an issue, traditional implant treatment after a bone graft is often the recommended process.

Gum Health – If you are currently experiencing signs of gum disease, these will need to be addressed with periodontal care. Inflamed gums will not support proper healing after implant placement and can affect implant stability in the long-term.

Immediate implants can help patients who wish to avoid the visible appearance of tooth loss after a damaged tooth has been removed. With immediate implant placement and load (or attachment of your new tooth), you can leave our office with a complete smile.

The Benefits of Immediate Implant Treatment in Silver Spring

By precisely planning your same-day procedure ahead of time and inserting an implant directly after tooth removal, Dr. Achikeh can promote quicker healing and prevent the resorption of bone that takes places after months of having a missing tooth. With a same-day implant, Dr. Achikeh can create the best possible aesthetic for your new smile and reduce your overall treatment time. 

If you have a failing or severely damaged tooth, you may be eligible for same-day dental implants at our office. Contact City Place Dental today to learn more about our implant dentist can help you!

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