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Treating Dental Emergencies in Silver Spring, MD

Dental emergencies can be scary – when you experience sudden trauma that damages dental work or your natural teeth, it’s easy to panic or be unsure of where to turn for help. If you have experienced a sudden dental emergency in Silver Spring, Dr. Kingsley Achikeh and his dental team at City Place Dental are ready to help you. 

If you are in pain, our emergency dentist will work to correct sudden oral health issues as soon as possible. Call 301-585-1515!

How Do I Know if I Need Emergency Dental Care?

There are some dental emergencies that need care as-soon-as-possible, such as knocked out teeth, broken dental work, or other injuries. However, there are other dental problems that you might not think need to be addressed immediately, such as bleeding gums, or items stuck between teeth. If you are experiencing any discomfort or are worried about your oral health, contacting Dr. Achikeh immediately will save your oral health in the long run. Our Silver Spring emergency dental office is happy to treat instances of:
Avulsed (knocked-out) teeth
Puffy, bleeding gums
Extensive tooth damage
Cracked or chipped teeth
Broken dental work (fillings, crowns, dentures, etc)
Remember: the sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you can be out of pain and feel confident about your oral health. Don’t wait-and-see in the event of a dental emergency. Dr. Achikeh is always on call and available to see you at his dental office for immediate treatment. 

Modern Dental Technology for Comfortable Emergency Care

Dr. Achikeh makes uses of advancements in dental technology to ensure that your treatment is comfortable and promotes quick healing; he specializes in the use of dental lasers for certain treatments. Dental treatment with lasers helps keeps patients relaxed, as they don’t have to deal with noisy dental drills. Lasers are also efficient at precisely targeting treatment areas, so that time spent in the dentist's chair is lessened and recovery times are shorter. 
All emergency dental services are completed in house – Dr. Achikeh does not have to refer part of your treatment to an outside specialist or dental lab. If yCity Place Dental Emergency Treatment Girl Smiling at Cameraou are in need of immediate dental care to relieve discomfort, City Place Dental provides:
Root canals for infected teeth
Extractions for badly damaged teeth
Laser gum disease treatment for bleeding gums
Dental implants for missing teeth
Porcelain crowns for cracked or chipped teeth

Contact City Place Dental for Emergency Treatment

If you are experiencing a dental injury and are in need of treatment,
don’t put off seeking care. Dr. Achikeh and City Place Dental make getting emergency dentistry services in Silver Spring as easy as possible. Contact our office to make your appointment


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